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Goldenlac is an artistic production company through which our creative dreams are brought to life onstage. It is a theatrical platform merging diverse artistic disciplines, including: dance, music, cinematography and the digital arts.

Our success results from our passion in creating innovative and intense shows, wherein the audience is led through an experience that is not only visual, but one which touches and delights all the viewer’s senses.

We are currently performing Fordlandia, which premiered in Dortmund Germany in September 2020. Since that time, this show has received critical acclaim from multiple sources in multiple countries. Here are some of the reviews:

Reviews Fordlandia

«Fordlandia», the dance after the confinement.
It is difficult to describe in words the elegance of a show so heartfelt, delicate and beautiful, so powerful in images yet charged with immense peace.
"Fordlandia", a hopeful cocktail of dance, music and cinema.

Reviews In the still of the night

Lovers of the Unreachable Night: Lucía Lacarra and Matthew Golding with their new show put the Dortmund Ballet in artistic eternity.
A worldwide sensation.
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